Sometimes a video will really capture my attention, and I’ll see it through to the final few seconds. Generally, I focus on watching videos that will help to support my recovery. At other times, I will watch a video that just makes me laugh. I can’t emphasise enough the value of laughter! Just smiling can make you feel better. Even if it’s forced (think Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory…)

Sometimes I will save a video to my phone’s home screen, or my web browser’s bookmark tab.

Here are some of my favourites. I hope you enjoy them and find them of value. 🙂


Blue sky animation – Headspace

This animation has captured my imagination ever since I first watched it. During the times when life gets overwhelming, my thoughts are racing or I’m feeling extremely low, I picture a blue sky and imagine the sunshine beyond the clouds. Just like the weather, negative feelings – like rainclouds – will eventually pass. Always remember that.


TED Talk – Laura Bain talking about living with Bipolar Disorder (Type II)


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