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Like New Years’ Resolutions, many of us will be faced with the question: “So, what will you be giving up for Lent”?

For many, this religious holiday is often used as an opportunity to have a health detox. Common sacrifices include: chocolate, technology (Facebook etc), alcohol, sweets and…school (that one’s for the kids). I’m sure there are some more bizarre ideas out there.

Whilst I’m not a devout Christian by any stretch, I dislike how another religious period has become a simple commodity for some. I don’t think that’s what Lent is all about. Rather than precluding non-religious folk from participating in this holiday, I think it is actually an opportunity for everyone to add something positive into daily life. What do I mean? Well, consider a few of these examples:

  • Spending an extra five minutes of the day chatting to your loved one, children, friend, colleague about how they are doing. We are all so busy dashing around that we often forget to just stop and enjoy the company around us.
  • Smile or say hello to the someone during your daily commute. I know, this might seem a little bit humourous when thinking about the 8am rusher into London, where ‘serious face’ is the social norm. But hey, someone’s gotta start a new trend.
  • Get up slightly earlier each day and sit down with a cup of tea or coffee. That extra ‘you time’ might put you into a more positive frame of mind for the day ahead.
  • Incorporate some mindfulness or breathing exercises into your daily routine. These are in plentiful supply if you have a look online, and don’t even take much effort. It’s simply about becoming aware of your body and how you are feeling; basically ‘checking in’ with your body’s underlying mood.

I hope the above suggestions provide a little food for thought about the forthcoming few months. Do let me know if you decide to add something to your daily life.

Now, get back to those pancakes, and enjoy your evening! 🙂