The Em behind the Mindful

Navigating her mid-20s in the hustle and bustle of London, Emma is a mental health campaigner, writer and advisor. 

She has a passion for all things mental health, specialising is young people’s mental wellbeing and the role of technology (including social media) in today’s society. 

MindfulEm’s Toolkit for the Mind has three goals:

1. Tackle stigma by addressing misconceptions around mental illness. 

2. Signpost to resources and materials for individuals, their loved ones and schools.

3. Draw on my own personal story – to show some of the realities of living with mental health problems, to provide hope, and to share with you the insights of having worked, lived and volunteered in the world of mental health.

Emma has experience of working with initiatives that focus on young people’s mental health and is available to provide advice or conduct workshops. For further information, please contact and check out her portfolio:

You can also find Emma on Twitter (@MindfulEm) and LinkedIn.

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